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Raddin Element Freeride

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Experience the ultimate ride.

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Radinn Element Freeride

Make Waves

It's time you venture beyond the shoreline and discover uncharted waters!

This electric surfboard provides a unique sense of freedom when surfing the waves.

Due to a truly unique design the Freeride makes it really easy for first timers to feel the thrill that comes with standing on a jetboard. At the same time it offers endless challenges and possibilities for intermediate to advanced riders. The Radinn Jetboard is virtually silent thanks to its electric powered jet which is also tucked inside the rear of the board to provide safety to the rider and any sea animals that you might encounter.

Did you know that killer whales can swim up to 56 km/h? Well, so can the Radinn but you can easily control your speed with the included remote control and slowly cruise along calm waters if you so desire. An included safety strap will keep the board from ‘flying’ away from you in case of a sudden mishap.

It’s time to dive in, create a splash, and cause a ripple effect for the whole world to see.

All toys can be collected from our office in Portals Nous or delivered directly to your yacht.

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